Opening Day!



Hi everyone!

We are so incredibly excited to open our joint venture that is Tog and Glam.

Tiffany and I have know each other for years and it is such a cool thing to be able to partner up with someone that you not only respect their work but also enjoy being around! I really can’t wait to provide the service we are hoping to create with tog and glam to all of you. We genuinely hope that this becomes a place you can go to to help make your life easier and exciting. We plan to bring product reviews, tutorials, diy items, lifestyle tips and guest bloggers from all walks of life to round out our content.

2014 is looking pretty amazing rite now and I am so happy that all of you will be a part of it.

We will be announcing a new joint service that we are eager to share. In fact  we will be holding a giveaway starting tomorrow so check back you are going to love it!


Love and High 5’s

Barbara “tog”


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