Rainbow Rice





Hey hey Tog here. I’m gearing up to create Little Darlings February Sensory bin and create a post about it but first things first RAINBOW RICE!

It is super simple with just a few items most of us already have lying around.

You will need Rice, Ziploc bags, Food Coloring and Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer.

IMG_7996 IMG_7999

I knew i was going to be making a lot of rice since it was my first large batch for my huge sensory bin. I went to costco and got a 25lb bag of mandalay long grain rice for $10. This was hands down the best price. But once you have it you can reuse the rice over and over for other bins. you can choose to only color some or do single colors and keep them seperate in ziploc bags. This makes for easy change outs of sensory bin themes each month.

Step 1. put rice in a seal-able bag (my preference) or even a large mixing bowl

step 2. for about 3/4 full ziploc freezer size bag Put in 8-9 drops of food coloring. you can always add more if you want the color to be darker.

step 3. ad 4-5 pumps of hand sanitizer into the bag.

step 4. close the bag and shake it like crazy. really get the rice moved all around and the color spread out evenly.

step 5. open the bag and set somewhere the kids can’t reach it and let the rice dry. the alcohol both helps the color to stay on the rice and not on hands and also helps it dry quickly.

Step 6. Use in your sensory bins!


Pretty easy and makes the bins just a little more special.


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