Valentine Freebies Day 2!

shadow title

If you have been following the blog you have seen the post on DIY boudoir photos. I did mine and ordered about 4 prints and thought well now what? I decided it needed to be elegant but easy. I wanted to put them in  a frame but make it a little more special. Off to target! I found a really nice quality shadow box for around $10 dollars and immediately knew what I wanted to do. So I designed a pretty background to line the back of the shadow box with, printed it out and got to work.

I Went with a 8×10 shadow box and a 5×7 print.


If your shadow box did not come with small push pins you will need to purchase those. Mine came with 4 which was sufficient.

Step 1. Print out a background on regular paper or card stock and trim the edges. The downloads are at the bottom.

Step 2. Pin the background image to the back of the shadow box. I just put a pin in each top corner.

Step 3. Pin your photo roughly centered but leaving room at the bottom for when you write your love notes.

Step 4.  Place a dry erase marker in the box and close it up.

You are done! It is such a simple project but with a really sweet personal touch when you write love notes for your partner. This is what Mr. Tog will be looking over at every morning.


Excuse the green marker I plan to pick up a small black one before V-day!

Download the backgrounds below

shawdow box 1

shadow box 2

Love and High 5’s,



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