Are all your photos on your phone?

Even though I am a photographer I still end up taking so many in the moment photos on my phone of my family. Honestly, these are some of the photos I cherish most. From breakfast time messiness with my toddler to catching my almost 10 year old being a sweet big sister when she doesn’t know I’m looking. The problem is that these all usually end up staying on my phone. Sure I post some to Facebook but not many.

Here is an amazing solution



It’s a cool new app for apple and android that lets you up load up to 100 pictures straight from your phone each month and it prints them as 4×6’s in a cute photo book with perforation to tear them out to share or frame or keep them in the book. The really cool part it is only 2.99 each month for 100 prints in a cute little book. What this means for me personally is that I have no excuse not to send photos to my grandparents and parents each month since me moved away from our home town. It means that we can all share in the fun moments I capture during the day when it’s just the kiddos and I.


What’s even cooler is I scoured the internet and found you all a deal. Use code howdoesshe at check out and you get your first book free!

you can check them out here.

Love and High 5’s



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