Boudoir Session Recap

Hey hey everyone. Tog here. I am so happy to report that glam and I got our first partnered session completed today. I have personally done boudoir for quite some time now and was so eager to partner up with glam and take it to the next level with what we can offer all these lovely women.  Overall I think today was not only a success but super fun and rewarding.

IMG_8323  IMG_8325

Every time I do a boudoir session I pour myself into it. I really do love this type of photography above all else. Women do it for a variety of reasons from it being a present for their partner to honoring themselves for reaching goals or milestones. Each session begins the same. Lots of chatting and getting to know each other during hair and makeup with plenty of laughter. As soon as we get to the point where we are ready to start the shoot a new nervousness usually pops up. I begin with basic poses that are flattering on everyone and after 3 or 4 shutter clicks I stop what I am doing so I can show my client what I am seeing through my lens. And every single time their is a beautiful reaction that I get to be a part of. It is amazing to see these women see themselves how everyone else in their lives do. This moment of “oh my god that’s me?” is why I keep doing boudoir and why I am trying to make it the core of my business.

bambi 2    bambi 3

I have never felt more proud of the work that I do after moments like those.

bambi 1

Love and High 5’s




One thought on “Boudoir Session Recap

  1. Just wanted to say how amazing and empowering this was! I was sooo nervous going in to this, by the end of it my self esteem was boosted through the roof! These ladies made me feel extremely comfortable…beautiful…like a strong confident woman again, something I lost to heartbreak and the ho hum everyday things of life that scar your soul. Thank you Ladies!
    Much ❤ Bams

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