Coconut is a must in this house!

So, like some of you know I am a new mommy! My daughter is going to be 6 months old soon. (I am now that mom who constantly says “Oh my gosh, it’s going by so fast!” or “she has grown so much!”) But it’s true. She has grown so much and it is happening insanely fast! When we first had our daughter we were using Johnson and Johnson baby products, because it was given to us as a gift and we didn’t really think that it needed more thought. I mean baby shampoo is baby shampoo, right? Wrong. I read one article about what is in their products and almost had a heart attack. (Even though the ingredients have been used for years. And I do mean years like more than 20.) But we aren’t here to get into a debate about brand names. I wanted to share with you lovely people what I have been using in place of lotion. Non refined all natural coconut oil! It is amazing! We have a tupperware container filled with non refined coconut oil that we keep on the changing table, or on our night stand for little baby after a bath! She smells like a Hawaiian sunset and her skin is the softest that it has ever been! (And that’s pretty soft considering she is baby butt soft!) My boyfriend and I have also taken to using it! We both are covered in (beautifully done) tattoos and it does wonders for the color! I also use it to cook with! (If you add a pinch of salt it takes away the coconut flavor.) You can use it for baking as well! It is a really great in place of butter! And healthier too! You can even use this stuff to polish wood!! Crazy right! There are over 100 household uses for coconut oil! Go ahead, google it! I use the Nutiva brand from Costco.  It is non refined and fairly priced. You get 78 oz for $22.00. Not to bad seeing how it replaces lotion, butter and cooking oil in my home! I love this stuff!


Thanks for reading!




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