Featured Friday With Jarrett Ransom of ReAwaken For Women

Hello everyone! I am so excited for our second Featured Fridays Guest Post! This week it is courtesy of the beautifully strong Jarrett Ransom of ReAwaken For Women. She gives so much of herself to empower other women and was generous enough to share with all of us her thoughts on Collaboration instead of Competition.

I hope you all enjoy and take something meaningful away this week – Love and High 5’s – Tog


There is enough competition out there. We have all learned to compare notes, labels and even dress sizes. Come on – enough already!

We all, at one time, have needed a friend to lean on. We all know someone who is currently facing an obstacle. ReAwaken (www.reawakenforwomen.org), a women’s empowerment nonprofit, is dedicated to empowering women through educational workshops and spiritual retreats.

Through collaboration with local female experts, we provide a space where women can lean on each other by sharing their past experiences and hope through a peer to peer community established on collaboration, not competition.

There is power in numbers and strength in women. Lifting a fellow woman up will only lift yourself and your own spirit up. Try it. We challenge you daily to put this into practice.

There is pinterest, private (and even public) facebook groups, text cohorts and more where women are banding together to form positivity. As the founder and executive director of ReAwaken, I am always hearing of women who are currently struggling. Let me be the first to tell you that I struggle too. In fact, ReAwaken began from my own personal struggle of becoming a single mom and being forced onto government support. To hear more about my challenges and celebrations, read more here.

Weekly and even daily, I hear of women who need help. These are women like you and like me. We are women who juggle life, family, careers, social responsibilities and so much. This year, I have claimed it as my year of healing. To make the most out of my year I have started an “I AM” group. It is held on facebook and is private so you can feel comfortable in what you are sharing and know that you are only announcing your affirmation to the group members.


This I AM group is a place where you can state your positive affirmation. The group is approximately 100 women (and a few men) strong! I invite you to join me in speaking an affirmation daily with I am ___________.

Affirmations are used successfully in all areas of personal growth and self improvement.  Join me and speak your truth and invite your friends, peers and family to join too. Oh, and there is no penalty for posting your I AM statement more than once a day.

To dive deeper into my own personal healing I have taken up hiking again and have already climbed to the highest of Phoenix mountains to take in the breath taking views (if I had any breath left after I get to the top). Reiki sessions, massage therapy and life coaching have also been on my 2014 healing list.

This promise that I have made to myself has also proven to move ReAwaken forward. To help more women empower themselves through personal and professional growth workshops has been transformational for nearly 300 women since 2012. However, most recently, ReAwaken is making larger waves and climbing higher mountains.

We believe in the power of collaboration. We believe in abundance. We believe in ourselves as much as we believe in other women. As you go about your juggling tasks everyday, please remind yourself to compare prices, not peers.


Jarrett Ransom

ReAwaken logo




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