March Sensory Bin…It’s out of this world!


Our Sensory bin this month is super fun not just for little darling but my almost 10 year old was all over it too!

I kept it pretty simple as it has been a really busy week in the Tog household. The base is black beans which I purchased at sprouts in the bulk section. I also grabbed a scoop of red lentils to have a little bit of color in the bin and I thought the orange hue worked well with the theme.


The usual suspects are in the box are: scoops, funnel and ice cube tray. The cool add ons for our space theme are glow in the dark stars and planets from the dollar store,some bouncy balls to resemble planets as well as a round aluminum tin. We threw in some monster figurines we had lying around as the “aliens”. I really like the add on of the tin as it bring sound as one of the senses this month. The black beans being poured on the tin can be quite loud so if your child has a sensitivity they are still working through this may be best to leave out. My kiddos love that fact that it is loud and I just tell myself it’s better than the sound of the tv in the background 😉



Again the skills that are being developed are transferring, sorting, imaginary play and we are working on counting!

Love and High 5’s




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