“There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”- Madeline Albright

It’s that in your face notion that truly inspired Tog and Glam to create a place to share our life experiences in hopes that they can be related to by other women and help make their lives a little easier and fun.

As the site’s founders, we have marveled at the amazing talents and abilities of the women around us. From balancing children, budgets, careers, a healthy lifestyle, and creating special moments and memories for their families, we are astounded by what it means to be a woman.

Whether you are a busy stay-at-home mom, a career woman, entrepreneur, young and single, or all of the above, Tog and Glam is committed to bringing you the most fabulous, Beauty reviews, Tutorials and family fun ideas, to help you raise a beautiful family while keeping your personal glam.

About Barbara “Tog”

Barbara is a Mom/ Photographer and designer  who took the leap and left her 9-5 to follow her dreams and be more present in her children’s lives.

She feels documenting life is a privilege and a challenge that she is so grateful to take on. She is inspired by light, by love and by her family. Her dream is to help you curate and capture fantastic moments and memories with your family.

When she’s not shooting pictures she is kept busy by her 2 fantastic little girls and supported by her husband.

About Tiffany “Glam”

Tiffany is a Mom/ Lingerie Retailer who decided she was finished selling other peoples dreams and opened up Bones in Lace.

She wanted something of her own that also allowed her to spend time with her baby girl. Lingerie is her confidence boost. It has helped her recapture that spark in herself after her bodies journey to motherhood. Her mission is to help women of all shapes, sizes and background find their glam.

She is taking her life by the reigns with her fabulous fiance, sweet baby girl and spunky stepson by her side.


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