March Sensory Bin…It’s out of this world!


Our Sensory bin this month is super fun not just for little darling but my almost 10 year old was all over it too!

I kept it pretty simple as it has been a really busy week in the Tog household. The base is black beans which I purchased at sprouts in the bulk section. I also grabbed a scoop of red lentils to have a little bit of color in the bin and I thought the orange hue worked well with the theme.


The usual suspects are in the box are: scoops, funnel and ice cube tray. The cool add ons for our space theme are glow in the dark stars and planets from the dollar store,some bouncy balls to resemble planets as well as a round aluminum tin. We threw in some monster figurines we had lying around as the “aliens”. I really like the add on of the tin as it bring sound as one of the senses this month. The black beans being poured on the tin can be quite loud so if your child has a sensitivity they are still working through this may be best to leave out. My kiddos love that fact that it is loud and I just tell myself it’s better than the sound of the tv in the background 😉



Again the skills that are being developed are transferring, sorting, imaginary play and we are working on counting!

Love and High 5’s




Contest Winner Boudoir Session

Glam and I were so happy to work with Ashley. She was our contest winner for the pinup model for a day giveaway. She was not only gorgeous but so fun and easy to work with. I love that her outlook was that she was there for us to get what shots we needed while getting back in front of the camera herself. Thank you Ashely for participating in the contest and being such a wonderful client!

Check out the super sexy sneak peeks

ashleypromo1 ashleypromo2


Love and High 5’s,


The Learning Flower!

I am so excited to introduce all of you to the learning flower. Before I moved to Colorado I was extremely fortunate to live in the Roosevelt Row district downtown which is home to so many creative people. One of which has shared this great learning tool. I ordered one of the prototypes about 2 weeks ago and so far it is a hit in my house with Little Darling. You’re probably now like OK  I get it you like it but What is a learning flower?

IMG_8641 IMG_8645learningflower

Well, its not a puzzle or a chart, but a link to independent self discovery. It hooks on the toddlers desire for knowledge and provides an interactive experience with education, like what you would get from a children’s museum. It has found a spot in our daily home preschool flow. Currently Little darling is at the stage of matching colors which is great! But I can see how this will stay in our preschool repertoire for quite some time as next she will move into numbers and then we still have the whole alphabet available as well!

IMG_8646 IMG_8647

Fore more info on the learning flower or to order one for yourself click here.

Or contact if you have any questions. An important note is that it is still in the early stages and with that is hand cut vinyl magnets on a round baking sheet.

If you have little ones I really do suggest it… also what a great gift for a toddler rather than another toy that will just make it’s way to a bin.

Love and High 5’s


Featured Friday With Jarrett Ransom of ReAwaken For Women

Hello everyone! I am so excited for our second Featured Fridays Guest Post! This week it is courtesy of the beautifully strong Jarrett Ransom of ReAwaken For Women. She gives so much of herself to empower other women and was generous enough to share with all of us her thoughts on Collaboration instead of Competition.

I hope you all enjoy and take something meaningful away this week – Love and High 5’s – Tog


There is enough competition out there. We have all learned to compare notes, labels and even dress sizes. Come on – enough already!

We all, at one time, have needed a friend to lean on. We all know someone who is currently facing an obstacle. ReAwaken (, a women’s empowerment nonprofit, is dedicated to empowering women through educational workshops and spiritual retreats.

Through collaboration with local female experts, we provide a space where women can lean on each other by sharing their past experiences and hope through a peer to peer community established on collaboration, not competition.

There is power in numbers and strength in women. Lifting a fellow woman up will only lift yourself and your own spirit up. Try it. We challenge you daily to put this into practice.

There is pinterest, private (and even public) facebook groups, text cohorts and more where women are banding together to form positivity. As the founder and executive director of ReAwaken, I am always hearing of women who are currently struggling. Let me be the first to tell you that I struggle too. In fact, ReAwaken began from my own personal struggle of becoming a single mom and being forced onto government support. To hear more about my challenges and celebrations, read more here.

Weekly and even daily, I hear of women who need help. These are women like you and like me. We are women who juggle life, family, careers, social responsibilities and so much. This year, I have claimed it as my year of healing. To make the most out of my year I have started an “I AM” group. It is held on facebook and is private so you can feel comfortable in what you are sharing and know that you are only announcing your affirmation to the group members.


This I AM group is a place where you can state your positive affirmation. The group is approximately 100 women (and a few men) strong! I invite you to join me in speaking an affirmation daily with I am ___________.

Affirmations are used successfully in all areas of personal growth and self improvement.  Join me and speak your truth and invite your friends, peers and family to join too. Oh, and there is no penalty for posting your I AM statement more than once a day.

To dive deeper into my own personal healing I have taken up hiking again and have already climbed to the highest of Phoenix mountains to take in the breath taking views (if I had any breath left after I get to the top). Reiki sessions, massage therapy and life coaching have also been on my 2014 healing list.

This promise that I have made to myself has also proven to move ReAwaken forward. To help more women empower themselves through personal and professional growth workshops has been transformational for nearly 300 women since 2012. However, most recently, ReAwaken is making larger waves and climbing higher mountains.

We believe in the power of collaboration. We believe in abundance. We believe in ourselves as much as we believe in other women. As you go about your juggling tasks everyday, please remind yourself to compare prices, not peers.


Jarrett Ransom

ReAwaken logo



Coconut is a must in this house!

So, like some of you know I am a new mommy! My daughter is going to be 6 months old soon. (I am now that mom who constantly says “Oh my gosh, it’s going by so fast!” or “she has grown so much!”) But it’s true. She has grown so much and it is happening insanely fast! When we first had our daughter we were using Johnson and Johnson baby products, because it was given to us as a gift and we didn’t really think that it needed more thought. I mean baby shampoo is baby shampoo, right? Wrong. I read one article about what is in their products and almost had a heart attack. (Even though the ingredients have been used for years. And I do mean years like more than 20.) But we aren’t here to get into a debate about brand names. I wanted to share with you lovely people what I have been using in place of lotion. Non refined all natural coconut oil! It is amazing! We have a tupperware container filled with non refined coconut oil that we keep on the changing table, or on our night stand for little baby after a bath! She smells like a Hawaiian sunset and her skin is the softest that it has ever been! (And that’s pretty soft considering she is baby butt soft!) My boyfriend and I have also taken to using it! We both are covered in (beautifully done) tattoos and it does wonders for the color! I also use it to cook with! (If you add a pinch of salt it takes away the coconut flavor.) You can use it for baking as well! It is a really great in place of butter! And healthier too! You can even use this stuff to polish wood!! Crazy right! There are over 100 household uses for coconut oil! Go ahead, google it! I use the Nutiva brand from Costco.  It is non refined and fairly priced. You get 78 oz for $22.00. Not to bad seeing how it replaces lotion, butter and cooking oil in my home! I love this stuff!


Thanks for reading!



Boudoir Session Recap

Hey hey everyone. Tog here. I am so happy to report that glam and I got our first partnered session completed today. I have personally done boudoir for quite some time now and was so eager to partner up with glam and take it to the next level with what we can offer all these lovely women.  Overall I think today was not only a success but super fun and rewarding.

IMG_8323  IMG_8325

Every time I do a boudoir session I pour myself into it. I really do love this type of photography above all else. Women do it for a variety of reasons from it being a present for their partner to honoring themselves for reaching goals or milestones. Each session begins the same. Lots of chatting and getting to know each other during hair and makeup with plenty of laughter. As soon as we get to the point where we are ready to start the shoot a new nervousness usually pops up. I begin with basic poses that are flattering on everyone and after 3 or 4 shutter clicks I stop what I am doing so I can show my client what I am seeing through my lens. And every single time their is a beautiful reaction that I get to be a part of. It is amazing to see these women see themselves how everyone else in their lives do. This moment of “oh my god that’s me?” is why I keep doing boudoir and why I am trying to make it the core of my business.

bambi 2    bambi 3

I have never felt more proud of the work that I do after moments like those.

bambi 1

Love and High 5’s



Featured Friday Guest Post!

The ever radiant Sol Ballard of is our first Featured Friday guest blogger! Sol Lives in Arizona and is a self confessed  self-love fanatic, healthy–living advocate, and escapade-seeking enthusiast.

We hope you enjoy her post about kissing your insecurities goodbye which is fitting for Valentine’s day which is all about love so why not have it also be about self love?

love and High 5’s


Kiss your insecurities goodbye!

by Sol Ballard-

 Oh c’mon admit it…You have looked in the mirror and winced when you looked at your belly or thighs.  Or perhaps you passed on a great opportunity because you just didn’t feel good enough for it.  Maybe you are feeling doomed to ever find “the one.”

Yes, you have heard the cure-all phrase, “You should think positive… blah blah blah.”  But simply thinking positive has never taken some of these icky thoughts out of your brain.  Thinking positive may have even frustrated you more.  It may have felt like you were denying yourself from some type of “truth.

I am here to tell you the truth about your insecurities, they are just stories.  Nothing but old stories that you have habitually engraved in the depths of your subconscious mind year after year.

We are all storytellers.  We may or may not see ourselves as such, but we are.  We consciously and subconsciously create stories about our lives, our friends, our jobs, past experiences, and even our looks.

What do you see when you look in the mirror?  What do you think about the person staring back at you?  Pick something about yourself that you do not like.  Whether it is a personality trait or physical characteristic.

Got it?  Okay now ask yourself what is the story you have been telling yourself about that particular thing?  How exactly did you come to not liking that about yourself?

Perhaps you are comparing yourself to someone else.  Maybe you have highly unrealistic expectations on how you should look like or be.  The stronger you dislike something about yourself, the more power you have given to that story about why you don’t like that particular thing.

You maybe thinking, “Wait a minute… the way I feel about myself has nothing to with any stories.”  Well in fact yes, you can condition your brain to trigger certain reactions or emotions when you think of a particular thing.

When you repeatedly think of something as negative your brain starts forming pathways that will facilitate negative response every time you see of thing of that particular thing.  Of course, the more you train your brain to think a certain way the more automatic the feelings you have attached to those thoughts will be.  True story.  You can look this up.

So every time you look in the mirror and focus on all the things you dislike about yourself you are strengthening those negative emotions.

The good news is that you can un-condition your brain from thinking negatively. The same way you got yourself into boiling water is the same way you can get yourself out of it. All you have to do is re-write your old story and turn it into an empowering story.

So when you look in the mirror and begin to hate (insert insecurity here) you have the opportunity to take your first step towards healthy conditioning by telling yourself that you are willing to find love in your insecurity and see things differently.  Then let go of all judgment and think of reasons to fall in love with your traits.

Whenever you start hearing the Negative Nancy in your head going off, laugh at the absurdities you are hearing.  Yes, literally laugh! This will help interrupt the negative connections and redirect them.  Then enjoy telling your more empowering story and you will see how eventually her voice will be nothing but a whisper.

Un-conditioning will take time so be patient.  You will be re-wiring your brain so you will also need to be consistent with your thoughts.  Surround yourself with supportive people and watch yourself grow.

If you read this far it means something inside of you wants you to change.  Honor that thing inside that wants a better future.

We all have a story, what is yours?

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