Valentines Freebies Day 1!

I am so happy to give away some fun printables to make valentines a little easier to plan for all of you out there. Today’s freebie is for the kiddos if they love Olaf from frozen they will love this!


There are 3 files

1. Large prints 3 per page. frozen valentine large

2. Small prints 8 per page. frozen valentine small

3. Treat Bag topper prints 4 per page.frozen treat topper


All can be printed at home on regular paper or card stock. The treat toppers are formatted to also work with avery double sided labels .


Love and High 5’s,



February Sensory Bin!

Hi guys it’s Tog. February is a special month in our house not just due to Valentine’s day but it is also little darlings birthday month. She is turning 2! Which is such a great age for sensory bins.

One of the questions you might have before even reading the post below is why or what are sensory bins? Well, they are a great play prompt for young minds.

They help develop so many fundamental skills, fine motor, sorting, transferring, classifying, just to name a few.

And they are just a really fun engaging alternative to screen time when you need something to occupy your little one while you get work done! (personal experience )

Our February bin has a very girly feel as it is v-day and Little Darlings b-day month. I went with rainbow rice as the base hoping that once it is all mixed up it resembles confetti or sprinkles. But if you have a little boy you could just color your rice what ever colors you like or leave it white if you want to make it a super simple set up.


The supplies above are just a sample of what you can do with a rice bin. I purchased funnels, measuring cups, and little toys at the dollar store for a total of $3. The ice cube tray is one of little darlings favorites for all her bins so I always throw it in. I included a wand for her to dig with rather than a little shovel this month since it is her b-day bin. I also put in some candles which turned out to be a huge hit. I find that anything that is not meant for kids is usually what she loves the most. Look around your house and use items you already have. Once you have made the investment of about $6 for a bin at target and your rice or other fill options it becomes a really cost effective learning tool.

For instructions on the rainbow rice check out our previous post here.

Our finished bin!

IMG_8020   IMG_8025

She Loves it! It occupies her for around 45 min to an hour each time we take it out. I love it because when I need time to get something done I have an engaging and educational option ready to go.

I hope you give it a shot with you little one. If you have any questions or want any other tips about sensory bins please comment and I will be sure to reply.

After February I will be posting a themed bin every month from outer space, to bugs, to the ocean.

Love and High 5’s


Rainbow Rice





Hey hey Tog here. I’m gearing up to create Little Darlings February Sensory bin and create a post about it but first things first RAINBOW RICE!

It is super simple with just a few items most of us already have lying around.

You will need Rice, Ziploc bags, Food Coloring and Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer.

IMG_7996 IMG_7999

I knew i was going to be making a lot of rice since it was my first large batch for my huge sensory bin. I went to costco and got a 25lb bag of mandalay long grain rice for $10. This was hands down the best price. But once you have it you can reuse the rice over and over for other bins. you can choose to only color some or do single colors and keep them seperate in ziploc bags. This makes for easy change outs of sensory bin themes each month.

Step 1. put rice in a seal-able bag (my preference) or even a large mixing bowl

step 2. for about 3/4 full ziploc freezer size bag Put in 8-9 drops of food coloring. you can always add more if you want the color to be darker.

step 3. ad 4-5 pumps of hand sanitizer into the bag.

step 4. close the bag and shake it like crazy. really get the rice moved all around and the color spread out evenly.

step 5. open the bag and set somewhere the kids can’t reach it and let the rice dry. the alcohol both helps the color to stay on the rice and not on hands and also helps it dry quickly.

Step 6. Use in your sensory bins!


Pretty easy and makes the bins just a little more special.