PR/ Disclaimer


We are always happy to review products whether they’re makeup, skincare, accessories, or baby and children items, household products, etc.

We will reject products that do not fit with the tog and glam blog mission of making women’s lives easier and more fun.  Please email to chat.


From time to time we may be given items by companies for the purpose of reviewing.  Those products will be declared as samples openly in the post. We may also publish an occasional sponsored post which will be clearly labeled as such.   To clarify we are always completely honest in our reviews of any product. If we think it’s great we will say so.  If we think it is terrible we will say that too. Our goal is to make women’s lives easier not complicate them with weak reviews.

Furthermore, all product suggestions, beauty, health and lifestyle advice are taken at your own risk. Example if you have sensitive skin don’t take our word for it on products that may irritate it. You should always rely on your own decision making skills when it comes to purchasing any products we suggest or  lifestyle changes we blog about.


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